MN100 Licenses Plate

Custom MN100 Club License Plate

Now Available for Purchase

Visit any DMV location to purchase the MN100 Club License Plate, or request an online application by emailing
For more information call Julie Gotham at 612-859-4576.

Online Instructions

  1. Go to or Google “Renew MN driver’s license”
  2. On the Home page, click “Vehicle Services” and then “Renew Vehicle Tabs” (registration)
  3. You will complete the demographics page. You will need your VIN and insurance information to do this.
  4. There is a question: Do you want to change your plates? Be sure to click “yes”. You can also decide to personalize your plates here.
  5. Click on the box that says “Plate Tyle” and then “Other.”
  6. There is a drop down menu that appears. “100 Club” is the first one on the list.
  7. Plates for new vehicles can be ordered at the dealership.
The easiest (and quickest) way to get the plates is to order them online. See the instructions above/at left.
No. The DMV sites do not stock the plates at this time.
There is a $40 contribution to the MN 100 Club above your regular registration fee. The fee goes to support the First Responders and their families who need our help.
Yes for motorcycles, unfortunately no for the one ton trucks.
It takes about 5-7 business days to receive your plates.
Yes. You can personalize with up to 6 characters.
Maybe. Your registration fee may be pro-rated depending on the proximity to your regular tab renewal.

Your $40 contribution goes to support First Responders who have been killed or critically injured in the line of duty and their families.

Yes. Police and Fire Departments that wish to order the plates for their fleet vehicles can follow the process below to obtain the MN100 Club plates from the MN Driver and Vehicle Services Division.

Step by Step Process:

  1. Determine how many plates you would need (including front and back of department vehicles)
  2. Write a letter on your department letterhead to MN Driver and Vehicle Services with your request, making sure to note the number of plates, title on plates, and where to send them.
  3. You will need to enclose a check with the letter for the plate processing fee, which is $3 for each plate. Since you are looking to order two plates for your transport vehicle to start with, the check will need to be written out for $6 per vehicle. The check needs to be written out to: MN Driver and Vehicle Services
  4. Once DVS gets your letter that lets them know the number of plates, title on plates, where to send them, and the check, they will process your order and your plates will be sent to you.

Please contact us if you need further assistance or guidance with this process.


When we called for help…they answered.

The mission of the MN100 Club is to provide financial support to First Responders and their families who are critically injured or killed in the line of duty. When a First Responder dies in the line of duty, their pay stops immediately. Surviving family members are left with burial expenses on top of everyday expenses like mortgages or rent payments, groceries, car payments, childcare, and other daily living expenses. It can take up to four months for surviving First Responders or their families to receive insurance payments, workers comp, or death benefits. Our goal is to stand in that gap.

We provide immediate financial support of up to